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In construction and real estate, drones have revolutionized surveying and mapping by making the process easier, simpler, less risky, and exponentially less time-consuming.

We specialized in providing drone services with high-quality photography and video by highlighting property features.

Orthographic mapping

Orthophotos are captured through aerial photography before being geometrically corrected or ‘ortho-rectified’ to a uniform scale. Our service produces digital orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics from raw aerial survey images. The end result provides a precise reference with the same utility value as a map.

Orthophotos are also referred to as orthomosaics, orthoimages and orthophotographs. With orthorectification, which adjusts for topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt, orthophotos can be used to accurately measure distance. This makes orthophotos incredibly useful in allowing surveyors to work without entering the field. Orthomosaics typically cover large areas and are created by stitching thousands or tens of thousands of images together. Image capture and processing is therefore extremely important and should be managed by experienced professionals.



Photogrammetry is used to determine the underlying geometric principles of landforms and objects through photographic imagery. By taking two or more photos in different positions, we can obtain accurate 3D coordinates through precise triangulation. This service provides the accuracy of GPS control with the power of aerial photography. Aerofoxz has extensive experience capturing photogrammetric data and delivering it in easy to use reports with calculations and recommendations.

Data capture for photogrammetry requires careful planning and multiple passes toefficiently deliver overlapping images, as positions cannot be triangulated without multiple reference points. Aerofoxz Chief Pilot and operations team plan flight lines to deliver a robust and efficient photogrammetric result, with our data platform and specialists utilising the imagery to enable accurate calculation of underlying geometry. Photogrammetry can be used to create 2D scale drawings, 3D terrain models, 3D models with photographic features and contours.


3D modelling

Advanced 3D models are a great way to visualise property and other assets. While useful, oblique images from drones often need to be rendered into useful 3D content. Along with our 3D mapping services, advanced modelling software allows us to create realistic 3D models and inspiring fly-through videos.

3D modelling is incredibly helpful for planning and understanding real-world environments, and forms the foundation for digital twins. The quality of 3D models is predicated on the quality of original data capture and the proficiency of the data processing.

Accurate inspection of critical infrastructure

Aerofoxz works across the industrial landscape, including oil and gas, resources, construction, agriculture, insurance and real estate. All of these sectors require asset management and asset performance optimisation, which Aerofoxz expedites through remote data capture and quality processing.

Advanced laser technology

Not all LiDAR systems are created equally, with precision hardware needed to create high-resolution models. Aerofoxz has the most advanced LiDAR available in the region, plus the highly experienced pilot network necessary to deliver high-quality laser surveys when and where you need them.

Aerofoxz utilises LiDAR to create a complete 3D geospatial picture of the target, which is valuable for a variety of purposes including city planners, facility managers, asset network operators and all circumstances in which a fully realised 3D model facilitates better decision-making. Aerofoxz survey and ongoing data capture can be used with digital twin technology


We offer spectacular aerial photography and video service with the help of our experienced professionals to capture your sweet memories. Whether it’s a popular music festival or an intimate wedding ceremony, Octovision Media can capture every special second.

Aerofoxz supplies beautiful cinematography and photography for private events, such as birthdays, proms and weddings, and everything in between.


With the push of a button, Our drone autonomously survey a site and obtain a complete aerial mapping of the site.

Many licensed surveyors and mappers are turning to Aerofoxz to help with their drone services needs. . Our drone expertise can save you a significant amount of both money and time, please contact us now for a consultation.


Drone Repairing Service is provided by a team of highly experienced professionals on the basis of the client’s requirements. The maintenance of the drone is done by repairing or replacing its defective components. This service aims to enhance the performance of the drone. Moreover, we also assure timely execution of our service.


Building an FPV drone can be difficult and challenging. We want to remove that challenge with our service by providing top of the line service and quality for a very affordable price.